How to Deal With a Really Bad Diaper Rash (And How To Avoid Them)


One of many least attractive facets of recent parenthood is diaper obligation, and its dreaded companion, diaper rash.

A diaper rash is the term used to describe a rash or irritation within the space lined by the diaper.

The primary signal of diaper rash is normally redness or small bumps on the decrease stomach, buttocks, genitals, and thigh folds—surfaces which were in direct contact with the moist or dirty diaper.

Fortunately for you, mother, diaper rash is very treatable and normally resolves inside days or even weeks. And, don’t be too laborious on your self when it reveals up in your child: nearly every baby will get diaper rash no less than as soon as throughout the first 3 years of life.

So, right here’s your final information to the world of the diaper rash.

You’ll study why diaper rash happens and a few easy, however efficient methods you possibly can rid your child of the scourge of this specific type of dermatitis. And we’ll let you realize by which circumstances the rash could require a dialog along with your pediatrician.

When does diaper rash happen?

Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

In scientific apply I see diaper rashes amongst a vary of ages however for a number of causes. Within the neonatal interval, diaper rashes are mostly due to frequent stooling. Breastfed infants can typically go small stools up to six occasions a day. This frequent pores and skin contact with stool may cause irritation. Extended publicity to moisture is a widespread explanation for diaper rash in older infants and toddlers. This may be due to not altering the diaper steadily sufficient or from sweating throughout heat climate months. Toddlers who’re rest room coaching typically develop rashes in a single day from a dirty pull-up.

Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

You’re most certainly to discover diaper rash when your child at an age when she or he  is sitting more often than not, and likewise consuming stable meals that alter the acidity of his/her bowel actions.

There are, nonetheless, sure elements that may make your child extra susceptible to diaper rash. Chafing, pores and skin sensitivity, and moist or occasionally modified diapers are sometimes the culprits, in accordance to Mayo Clinic.

Diarrhea or frequent bowel actions may also make your child extra possible to get diaper rash, says Johns Hopkins’ Health Library.

Additionally in accordance to Johns Hopkins’ Well being Library, infants taking antibiotics or who’re breastfed by moms taking antibiotics are extra vulnerable.  This normally leads to a yeast an infection within the diaper space.

How are you able to deal with diaper rash at house?

Typically, regardless of your greatest efforts, a diaper rash is inevitable.

Fortunately, you don’t essentially have to deliver your child to the physician to deal with his or her rash. Comply with these easy steps for a few days at house if the signs of your child’s diaper rash seem delicate to reasonable.

  • Avoid merchandise that appear to set off your child’s rash, and be cautious about introducing new ones (Mayo Clinic).
  • Avoid soaps and wipes that include alcohol or perfume (Mayo Clinic). I occur to like WaterWipes, a pure and chemical free different to traditional wipes, whose sole components are water and grapefruit seed extract.
  • Wash your child’s backside with water after every diaper change (Mayo Clinic). Then, be sure your child’s pores and skin is dry earlier than placing on a new diaper (Mayo Clinic).  When a rash is current, you might have considered trying to dry the realm with a small fan or cool setting of a blowdryer earlier than placing on a clear diaper.
  • Give your child as a lot diaper free time as doable to air out the pores and skin (Mayo Clinic). For those who’ve received a little boy, you might have considered trying cowl his genitals loosely with a diaper while doing this so that you don’t by chance get peed on.
  • Change your child’s diapers steadily and apply a diaper cream, lotion, paste, or ointment as a barrier between your child’s pores and skin and a soiled diaper (Mayo Clinic). I like to use Triple Paste as a result of it’s perfume free, hypoallergenic, and creates a easy, skinny movie that protects my child’s delicate pores and skin.
Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

I typically advocate Triple Paste to my dad and mom when the diaper rash has open, bleeding pores and skin. This specific cream tends to be extra soothing of uncooked, painful pores and skin.

Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

The Mayo Clinic also offers some additional home remedies.

What if the rash persists?

If, after a few days of house remedy, your child’s diaper rash hasn’t improved, name your pediatrician. You’ll need to have the rash examined if it:

  • Is extreme or atypical (Mayo Clinic).
  • Will get worse despite house treatments (Mayo Clinic).
  • Is accompanied by diarrhea persevering with for greater than 48 hours (WebMD).
  • Is marked by purple or scaly areas on the labia and vagina in ladies (Medline Plus).
  • Bleeds, itches, or oozes (Mayo Clinic).
  • Seems to trigger burning or ache throughout urination or bowel motion (Mayo Clinic).
  • Is characterised by pimples, blisters, ulcers, giant bumps, or sores crammed with pus (Medline Plus).
  • Is accompanied by a fever (Mayo Clinic).
  • Will get larger or has smaller patches that develop and mix in with different patches (Medline Plus).
  • If there are purple dots and/or the rash is on the scrotum in male infants.  That is a signal of a fungal diaper rash.

To benefit from your pediatrician go to, Mayo Clinic supplies some useful solutions. First, record your child’s indicators and signs, and for the way lengthy your child has had them.

Additionally, you will need to record key details about the child’s medical circumstances and meals consumption. For those who’re breastfeeding, embrace any medicines or new meals your child could have been uncovered to by breast milk.

Then record all merchandise that come into contact along with your child’s pores and skin, together with all laundry detergent, diapers, soaps, lotions, and so on. You might even need to take a snapshot of the ingredient lists on the merchandise along with your cellular phone so your physician is aware of precisely what’s in them.

Lastly, record any questions you have got so that you don’t miss a beat.

How may your pediatrician deal with your child’s diaper rash?

A extreme or persistent diaper rash could require remedy past what you are able to do at house with out a prescription. In accordance to WebMD, in case your baby seems to have a candida (yeast) an infection, your physician could advocate antifungal lotions or medicines.

Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

In these conditions, it is necessary to ONLY use the prescribed antifungal remedy. Making use of different barrier lotions throughout further diaper adjustments can delay a fungal an infection (yeast seams to develop extra in petroleum jelly and zinc oxide). As soon as the fungal rash has resolved, the same old rash safety lotions could also be resumed.

Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

In case your baby has impetigo (a bacterial an infection), your pediatrician could prescribe antibiotics. In lots of circumstances, your physician could advocate a temporary course of delicate topical steroid cream or ointment if the rash doesn’t seem linked to an an infection.

How are you able to stop diaper rash transferring ahead?

Following sure habits on a common foundation are possible to lower the chance that your child will get diaper rash. It’s your decision to think about making these practices a a part of your regular diaper routine, in accordance to WebMD.

  • Wash your fingers earlier than and after altering your child’s diaper to stop a vary of infections.  The CDC has specific recommendations on this.
  • Though right this moment’s disposable diapers are extremely absorbent, and moist diapers could not hassle your child, you’ll need to restrict your child’s pores and skin’s publicity to urine and feces by altering diapers steadily.
  • Be sure that your child’s pores and skin is clear and dry earlier than placing on a new diaper.
  • Don’t let the diaper’s tape adhere to your child’s pores and skin, as it could actually trigger additional irritation.

A remaining phrase on diaper rashes.

Diaper rash is a practically inevitable consequence of diaper use, so don’t beat your self up if it occurs to your child.

The secret is to establish diaper rash earlier than it will get extreme, then take steps at house to deal with the rash to hopefully keep away from a journey to the pediatrician. For those who do have to go to the pediatrician, the rash ought to be a simple repair and is probably going not trigger for main alarm.

Have you ever averted diaper rash along with your child? If that’s the case, what labored for you? In case your child received diaper rash, what options have been the simplest? Please share your expertise within the feedback part so different mothers can study your tips!


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